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Great Webinar for this solopreneur...

I enjoyed your “The Problem with Salespeople “ webinar on NBB this morning!
I didn’t realize our CRM should be adaptable to the website builder!
Also, any suggestions on how I can obtain a Review QR Code? I liked the one I used from your presentation to get to this page!
Excellent sales training -also, I did read your book and got a lot of tips! Well done!

Terresa Rose Lambert, Notary (NBB)

Course on how to achieve personal growth as a salesperson...

I liked the interactive and thought provoking questions in this session. The questions helped bring forward some of my weakness (and strengths) that weren’t so obvious and then providing solutions to get better. For example, I know I can improve my follow ups, Alison recommended revisiting our sent emails, call history, texts, to stay on top of it. There is no such thing as TOO MUCH when it comes to a follow up communication.

Olivia Wagner, Cosentino Surfaces

An amazing insight on how to improve sales techniques

Alison is an amazing facilitator and trainer. Her profound experiences throughout multiple industries gives her a vast understanding of all things sales. She is a wealth of knowledge and absolutely amazing at what she does. Her presentation highlighted several key components that are probably missing from many people's routines and will prove effective when implemented. Very excited to implement some things I picked up in my own routine as well.

Jessica Parker, Emerstone Surfaces

Team Image Rep Methods

We Train Salespeople
Explore Our Coaching Program

Our Coaching Boot Camp is designed to help your sales & business development squad implement skills required to change the current outcome of your revenue stream.  Our powerful, reliable, motivational program will change the way your team functions on a daily basis.


 Our Boot Camp packages are available in 30, 60, 90 days or customized 12-week programs. Rep Methods will survey, then customize the appropriate consulting plan providing comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help your group elevate the current sales strategy and overall bottom line.  

Learn about the 12 Week Method.
Then, Pick the Plan that is right for you or your team.


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