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We Make Order Makers, Not Order Takers          |          Sales Training

We Make Order Makers, Not Order Takers
Sales Training

We Make Order Makers, Not Order Takers          |          Sales Training



Sales Training

  • The Art of Selling Ebook - Epub File
  • The Art of Selling Ebook - Epub File

The Art of Selling Ebook - Epub File

Excluding Sales Tax

Are you tired of lackluster sales results and feeling like you’re not maximizing your potential as a salesperson or business owner?


This sales mastering guidebook is a game-changer for anyone looking to take their sales skills to the next level.


• Apply ONE new tactic and 4X your lead generation output.

• Apply TWO new tactics and 10X your entire strategy.


Specifically designed for both B2B and B2C salespeople and managers, this book covers all aspects of the selling process, from lead management to brand ownership and beyond. • Closing tactics and sales pitch strategy

• Merchandising Techniques that lead to sales.

• Organizational must haves for any player in the game.

• Work the EGO of your customer.

• Get around Cold Calling obstacles

• Master Rebuttals and Refusals with grace.


If you’re a seasoned sales professional or just starting out, this book will pay for itself 10X over within one week of reading it, no matter what you sell.

  • What are .EPUB files used for? Reading eBooks.

    What is an .EPUB file? EPUB files are the most popular file format extension used for the storage of eBooks and other related content. The .EPUB format can store words, images, fonts, stylesheets, metadata and content tables. EPUBs are layout agnostic, which means the formatting isn’t affected by the size of the screen. In fact, you can view .EPUB files on screens as small as 3.5 inches. What does .EPUB stand for? The .EPUB format is simply short for ‘electronic publication’, making it one of the easier filename abbreviations to understand. EPUB is the perfect way to describe files intended as the digital alternative to printed media, such as books and magazines..EPUB files are primarily used in the viewing of eBooks. You can download and open them on eReaders such as Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), as well as smartphones, tablets or computers. The latest version, .EPUB 3.2, supports HTML, CSS and SVG, with built-in support for video, audio and even interactive features. However, people still use it primarily as a platform to read eBooks they’ve bought and downloaded, through online shops such as Apple Books and Google Play Books.