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We Train Salespeople
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Our Coaching Boot Camp is designed to help your sales & business development squad implement skills required to change the current outcome of your revenue stream.  Our powerful, reliable, motivational program will change the way your team functions on a daily basis.


 Our Boot Camp packages are available in 30, 60, 90 days or customized 12-week programs. Rep Methods will survey, then customize the appropriate consulting plan providing comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help your group elevate the current sales strategy and overall bottom line.  

About Me
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About Alison

Alison Mullins is the founder & lead consultant based in Richmond, VA. 

With over 20+ years in sales, merchandising and her favorite creative function, marketing, Rep Methods was founded based on a foundation in both fashion and surfaces.  Rep Methods boot camp, online classes and keynote services are available to assist small businesses with sales & business development training. 

The first book "The Art of Selling" is out as of August 30, 2023. It's a Book, and A Workshop.

Book some moments with us. 

Even better, hire us to train your people. 

Follow Rep on all social media accounts @repmethods.

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