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Generation Z and Sales Training Methods

How is this generation going to handle face to face meetings?

Recommendations are we need to provide proper training and support a broader set of societal commitments.

Generation Z was born somewhere in the late 1990's and is well known for their use of digital technology, the internet, and social media. According to Collins Dictionary, "Generation Z is seen as confident users of new technology"1

What are the challenges of Generation Z in the workplace?

"Most Gen Z Workers report feeling more stress and less emotional/social well-being than their older counterparts."2  Will the generation have a tough time making lasting customer relationships? Do they have the social skills necessary in order to make direct eye contact, pitch a project, and convert an account from a lead to a prospect or even better a nurtured new business relationship.

According to Newsweek, the strengths and struggles of this generation are simply time management and strict new boundaries of work life balance. They hold strong personal values and are comfortable questioning the status quo. 2  

According to, "To win the hearts of Generation Z, companies and employers will need to highlight their efforts to be good global citizens. And actions speak louder than words: Companies must demonstrate their commitment to a broader set of societal challenges such as sustainability, climate change, and hunger. To attract Gen Z, employers must be ready to adopt a speed of evolution that matches the external environment. That means developing robust training and leadership programs, with a real and tangible focus on diversity.

  • Develop the profile of a great employee, establish internal apprenticeship programs, or hire smart, talented people and then match them with a role once inside the organization.

  • Consider partnering at the university level to adopt top female talent to attract more women candidates for tech roles.

  • Create latticed career paths and multiple work formats.

  • Set up internal marketplaces to match projects with needed skill sets.

  • Leverage the expertise of Gen X, Gen Y, and Boomers to help mentor Gen Z into strong leaders.

  • Consider the attractiveness of the industry you are in and the reputation of your company and plan accordingly."

How do we train the next generation?

What does this mean for your Generation Z training programs?

According to Talent IMS - "It means a quantum shift that incorporates the latest technologies and innovations in training but also fulfills that desire for human contact. Your Gen Z training must acknowledge that while these new workers crave information, they also know how to find answers. They’ll be easily distracted if your training isn’t informative and engaging.

Here are a few tips to help you build a successful Gen Z training program:

1. Engage through cross-training

To engage learners, Gen Z training has to do more than match a job description. Gen Zers have been preparing for jobs that don’t yet exist. They want to continue to accumulate a variety of skills that bridge the gaps between your verticals and teams. Offer training that extends their capabilities. For example, provide your software engineers with marketing training, and your data people with sales skills.

Cross-training also fits perfectly into a future of work that is going to require L&D to upskill and reskill employees and perform quick pivots. Essentially, the type of diverse training programs that Gen Z demands will prepare your entire workforce for what’s to come. They’ll be more flexible, adaptable, and better positioned for the future.

2. Use videos for storytelling

Gen Z loves Instagram and Snapchat, while TikTok has also become one of their favorite apps. On average, they watch 68 videos each day. That means Gen Z training has to be visual. Videos are especially useful for Gen Z online training, particularly when it comes to how-to and instructional videos.

But not all videos are created equal. This is the generation of TikTok and short videos which get to the point fast. Before you set up your own company YouTube channel or create a collection of training videos, here are a few tips for ensuring your videos do the trick for training Gen Z:

  • Create quick, instructional videos that get straight to the point

  • Ensure videos are relevant and avoid fluff and filler

  • Add a humorous touch (when appropriate) to engage

  • Leverage strong imagery and animation

  • Consider professional production (Gen Z recognizes and appreciates quality multimedia)"

3. Invest in training.

It's what you CAN do, today.

If you have hired a Gen Z to be an inside salesperson or plan to send them on the road as an outside salesperson, relationship manger, key networking associate etc., I highly recommend sending them for some online sales training. Rep Methods LLC provides some of the best cohesive field career advice. These courses are designed from experience, not from books or expensive management programs.

Next, set up a time for an in person seminar. If you are in the stone business, our very own Natural Stone Institute provides free online education for members, or you can also hire a professional to come in for some scheduled learning.

A custom seminar can easily be constructed around your team specific needs. Contact us today to discuss a custom seminar day or weekend event.

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