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Sales Training





Small Business Owner,

You Found Us!

If you think about it, We're All Selling Something. Right?  Small Business, Mom n Pop, Minority Owned Businesses.  Construction Services, Wholesale building materials.  All of us need and have some sort of sales "team".  For some of us, we are the sales team.  You found your place, so join us and use the resources to your benefit.  Thanks for coming. 

Congratulations, You've started a business!  Welcome to the club.  We're so glad you are here!  

Do you need help selling? 

Of course you do!  Take our In Home Selling Online Course FIRST...then, I'd love to see you sign up for a workshop.


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Does it hurt sometimes when you get that call for your services and lose the sale over the phone?  

Take our In Home Selling, Direct Sales Course FIRST.
Follow up with our book, "The Art of Selling" and develop Sales Pitch, Closing Techniques, How to Co-Op & Merchandise your business, and more!

Service Businesses
& Trades

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A personal favorite, your job is so tough!  Glad you found us.  Start with my FREE course on "Providing Continuing Education", then I recommend the class "The Art of Specification".  A new book developed just for you will be out Summer 2024.


Sales Representative

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Do you have a team of sales staff?
Are they underperforming at the close?
How is their body language?
How is their pitch? 

We can do a workshop for your entire team!  

Start them off with the In Home Selling / Direct Selling Course & then, let's set up a TEAM Event!


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I love when I say “YES” and it’s worth every moment of my time!! I learned so much at the Art of Selling presentation. I can not wait to start applying these new techniques to my business.

Alison is an amazing facilitator and trainer. Her profound experiences throughout multiple industries gives her a vast understanding of all things sales. She is a wealth of knowledge and absolutely amazing at what she does.

Jessica Parker,

Emerstone Surfaces

If you want a happier, more successful sales team, I recommend Alison for her training, guidance and services.

Lea Yager,

Lea Yager Designs

About Alison

With over 20+ years in sales, merchandising and her favorite creative function, marketing, Rep Methods was founded based on a foundation in both fashion and surfaces. Rep Methods boot camp, online classes and keynote services are available to assist small businesses with sales & business development training.

The first book "The Art of Selling" is out as of August 30, 2023. It's a Book, and A Workshop.

Book some moments with us. 

Even better, hire us to train your people.

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Alison Mullins is the founder & lead consultant based in Richmond, VA. 

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Hey Account Manager, Welcome!  Did you know our CEO was an account manager for over 10+ years!

You've come to the right place.  Talk to Us about the most cost effective way to start your journey.

Account Manager

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