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LinkedIn People Connectors Connect - #fourtofollow inspires #twotangotuesday


Typically, my blogs have been reserved for stone stories because, as many people know, I am 100% completely in childish summer love with natural stone and the surfaces industry. My love affair began with developing expertise as an accounts manager in 2011.

Connecting with people is also a primary passion. I enjoy being a #connector. It helps me to help people and move away from selfish strategies. Leaving selfishness behind became a primary focus only in the last three years. I studied my own selfish lifestyle and desired to improve my relationships. Volunteering became an integral part of my daily life. Yes, daily, weekly, monthly–the giveback efforts may not be public. Still, they are real, and the results for my spiritual, mental, and physical well-being began to fruition after about a year and a half of ongoing studies.

In November 2022, I confessed my need for more to my employers and thus began transitioning from full-time employment into what a recent opinion piece by Tish Harrison Warren in the New York Times describes as a sabbatical.

Sabbatical = A shift of thinking, a change in direction, a change in strategy. A sabbatical doesn't have to be sipping piña coladas on the beach! I'm in a working sabbatical, and It’s working. My mind, spirit, and well-being are thriving in this transitional phase, albeit not for a few moments of fear, anger, and depression, which I’ve also recognized as grief. Today I get to write what I want, talk to whom I want, work as hard as possible on my new brand, and continue developing better character habits, so back to selfishness! Ah, I digress. We are only as strong as our spiritual practices. That brings me to July 2023 and a slight “change in direction” for my personal brand experience.


As I move through the summer, I recognize that many of my marketing strategies have been geared toward “me, me, me.” A friend and previous manager inspired me to change direction! Melissa Cohen. Melissa started doing this thing called #fourtofollow about three months ago.

Around the same time I started to recover from my grief decisions, I noticed my old Ralph Lauren Product Development Manager posting about others.

Every Sunday, she writes a piece dedicated to four magnificent connections highlighting their strengths. I am so inspired and humbled. This is what we should be doing. Less of “me, me, me” and more connecting. More highlighting of others. How exactly are we supposed to accomplish this and build a business simultaneously? That, my friends, will bring me back to spiritual beliefs and faith in a higher power with my best interests at heart. If I keep doing the ”next right thing,” I don’t have to believe because it will come to fruition naturally. Maybe not to my highest expectations, but good will prevail.

So, with Melissa’s permission, and giving her 100% of the credit she deserves! I’ve come up with a strategy called #twotangotuesdays


The first #2, who is very much a #1 in my book, is Mr. Todd Tooley. Thank you both for everything you do! Keep connecting, empowering & Inspiring others to be better.

As a follower, you are getting a sneak peak of the upcoming launch July 4th, 2023.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Comments help people like me to build our frame of reference. We appreciate what you have to say.




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