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Visit the Covelano Marble Quarry in Northern Italy

Working with Antolini Italy came with many perks. Not only was it the best 4 year degree in Stone Education one could ever hope for, I was able to experience natural stone in ways never before imaginable in my career. Such gifts!

Please enjoy this story of promoter team's visit to the Bianco Covelano marble quarry in Northern Italy. Mark, Agatha, Patricia & our friend Antolini employee guide, Eleonora G..

Putting this together, I found some photos of our friend & compadre, Giaccento Mauro who passed on in 2022. I am sure he is looking down on his family and friends from his heaven on the deep blue sea.

I'm beyond grateful for my family & friends @ Antolini. Thank you for the greatest opportunity this American girl could have ever asked for working in the surfaces industry.

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