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We Make Order Makers, Not Order Takers          |          Sales Training

We Make Order Makers, Not Order Takers
Sales Training

We Make Order Makers, Not Order Takers          |          Sales Training



Sales Training

Barcelona 2018- A Traveling Stone Story

It was October 2018, pre-covid, and in the midst of working with my friends, Antolini Italy, I took a quick detour over to Barcelona, Spain while traveling through Milan. Having only three days, I planned a quick whirlwind tour of intense architecture views and of course incredible food & adventure. Thank you for visiting this week's Rep Methods "Stone Story".

Barcelona provides lucious views of Baroque Architecture. The city hosts a mixture of French, Italian and Spanish culture. Barcelona is one of those cities where a fellow "stoner" can fall head over heels with just a walk around the city. If you are short on time, you can hop on one of the local double decker bus tours, Barcelona will not disappoint. Any architecture & design aficionado is likely to fall in love with the Barna (city's nickname).

Flying in was super easy from Milan & cheap! Anytime you fly inter-Europe, it's always less expensive to book with those smaller airlines directly, forget our American giants! Also, the city of Barcelona has incredible mass transit. A shuttle bus from the airport dropped me right at the metro transit hub and before long i was at the front door of Yeah Barcelona Hostel, where i stayed 2 nights. Hostels in Barcelona are famously the best option for single travelers. Providing safe, affordable accomodations i was delighted to have a quiet room with bunk beds and private bath. The rooftop of this hostel provides incredible city views. I quickly made a few friends from other cities of the world, Brazil, Ireland & France. It was nice to meet other single travelers to enjoy a couple meals & night adventures.

Each day i wandered through markets, like the Mercado de la Boqueria, purchasing bites of delicious traditional snacks. It's easy to get lost meandering through the windy streets taking in all the textures of stone facades, enamoured door details, spanish tile & colorful modern elements which make Barcelona unique. This lovely Catalan city has modern European flare with grit & excitement.

When it was time to return to Milan to continue on my path to Verona, catching a cab back to the airport was so easy. No need for uber! They have a Yellow Taxi "app" which makes calling a taxi safe, easy & convenient needing no cash.

Please enjoy a video of my quick journey through this fabulous city. Don't forget to leave any comments or share a story of your own.

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