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Chapter 1: Brand Management Etiquette: The Art of Selling, We Make Order Makers, Not Order Takers 

Rep Methods: Chapter 1: Brand Management Etiquette: The Art of Selling, We Make Order Makers, Not Order Takers 

While the idea of making sure you and your brand look acceptable from the outside seems pretty straight forward, we sometimes forget the little things that go the distance, and it is a crucial part to The Art of Selling. We believe here at Rep Methods that by implementing small changes, you should see growth in sales, as well as a happy employer and clients. Because You Make Orders, You’re Not an Order Taker.

Some of the key points when discussing brand etiquette in this chapter of The Art of Selling, We Make Order Makers, Not Order Takers and are taught here at Rep Methods include grooming and apparel habits, the appearance of company vehicles, and communication with others. These are all extremely important examples that make or break a relationship with a client or business. Things like keeping the company car(s) clean and the logos consistent are one way to show legitimacy and professionalism.

As for grooming habits, The Art of Selling says you should be hiding evidence of smoking, keep things like facial hair and hairstyles tidy, adhering to dress code, and keep piercings and tattoos to a minimum or completely invisible. Rep Methods believes while some of these may sound old fashioned, they are long standing in showing success in all areas. We attract more bees with honey than vinegar. If you hold your appearance to a high standard, others will see you as such.

Lastly, communication. Sometimes it’s not how you respond to clients, but when you respond. Responding  in a timely manner and knowing when to send a follow up is crucial. You should also be using email as a main form of communication for anything of a larger size or importance. If you’re running late, make sure you let the other party know that you’re going to be via call or text. But what I strongly advise you to do if you want to close more sales: Use your voice. That is where real success will come into play. We see here that today’s younger generation that’s starting to enter the workforce sees communication as a huge part of a brand and its authenticity. Make sure to put your best self forward and keep mastering The Art of Selling: We Make Order Makers, Not Order Takers.

I've recently built a new 5 tier system for making sales training easy for your teams.

  1. Seminars - In Person & Online

  2. Workshops - In Person & Online

  3. Boot Camps - In Person

  4. *NEW - Coaching Plans - 3,6,12 months

  5. *NEW - Self-Driven Training with or without Coaching.

It's a win win for any small business and we specialize in B2B & B2C Selling.

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